Keith Area School's Year 4/5 Biodiversity Inquiry
“How does our use of the environment affect biodiversity?”

This wiki is a collaborative space where you and your group members can compile your notes and add links to images, websites and videos you find useful during your research phase. Each group has a page which you can access via the page links at the left of screen. There are links under each group to webpages you may find helpful.

Thorny Devils- Vehicles: greenhouse gas, road kill and Off Road Driving

Greenhouse Gas
Road Kill
Road Kill Tasmania

Greenhouse Gas- Farming: cattle, methane and irrigation

Cattle Environmental Impacts- Methane
Cow Farts: Global Warmers Or A Load Of Hot Air?

Reptiles- Farming: pesticides, fertilisers and land clearing

Land Clearing

Enviro kids
- Hunting and FishingOverfishing

Biological Wizards- Introduced Species: fox, cane toad, goat

Feral Animal Fact sheets

- Introduced species: rabbit, deer and carpFeral Animal Fact sheets

General Biodiversity Links

Biodiversity 911:Saving Life on Earth
Animal Discovery: Map of Biomes and Info
Australia's Biodiversity
United Nations Environment Program

Collaborative Tools

Primary Pad- Collaborative Writing Tool Collaborative Brainstorming Tool